10 Easy Ways to Change Your Diet...For The Better!

1. Eliminate sugar and milk in your coffee: Taking out this small amount of calories will add up. Plus, you will keep your blood sugar levels down. 2. Put dressing on the side of salad and use it as a dip: You don’t need much dressing to give your salad flavor. Keep the dressing on the side and gently dip it with each bite. You will use half as much dressing and decrease those extra calories. 3. Cook with avocado oil instead of butter: Avocado oil will give you the good fat you need without the saturated fat butter provides. 4. Eat steamed or sautéed vegetables: When you fill your plate, make sure that half of it is veggies. You can fill the other half with proteins, carbs, etc.

3 Reasons You Need a Healthcare Consultant

Over the last decade healthcare has become quite complicated. It can be pretty overwhelming to try and understand your medical bills, side effects of your medications, or what kind of healthcare practioner you need to see. That's when a healthcare consultant can be very helpful. A healthcare consultant is someone who guides you through your entire healthcare process. They can understand your medical bills, communicate with your healthcare providers, and explain all the details to you. Not convinced yet? Check out these 3 reasons why you need a healthcare consultant: 1. A healthcare consultant can coordinate all of your healthcare needs: Say you went our running today and tripped on a

5 Ways to Know If Your PT is good!

Physical Therapists (PTs) have many years of training. In 2003, most PT programs switched to doctorate level programs. And since 2010, all new graduate physical therapists have been required to obtain a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy). However, this degree does not necessarily translate into becoming a good PT. Here are 5 easily ways to identifiy if you are in the right hands! 1. Your PT evaluates your whole body, not just the injuried site: When you have an injury, there is usually a biomechanical reason that it occurred. A physical therapist is trained to determine the cause of the problem. They should not just focus on decreasing the pain, but rather, getting to the root of the inj

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