Is My Physical Therapist Good?

The healthcare world can be a confusing place. It can be difficult to identify good providers, correct plans of care, and expectations of your health. Here are 3 ways to know if your physical therapist (PT) is good. 1. They spend the entire treatment time with you: A good PT will spend the whole time with you, guiding you through the exercises and techniques. They will not leave you to attend to other patients nor will they hand you off to an assistant. They are invested in teaching you how to properly move, complete your exercises safely, and help get you better faster. 2. They provide hands-on techniques, not just exercise: A good PT will provide manual techniques to help improve y

Why your PT should be your PCP

In today's healthcare system your Primary Care Provider (PCP) is not what it used to be. In the past, your PCP was your gate-keeper and advocate to your health. Your PCP was in charge of all your medical care, facilitated your care team, and managed your medications. Unfortunately most PCPs no longer have this time to dedicate to their patients. In most cases, they now only manage your medications, if that. More people have multiple specialists, many different medications, and little communication between the providers. As a result, your health plan becomes lost in the shuffle. However, when under the care of a physical therapist (PT), you may see that provider up to 3 times a week. Y

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