Try these Healthy Labor Day Recipes

Labor Day is in two weeks and that means everyone will be firing up their grills and partaking in the All-American BBQ! Instead of filling yourself with hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and sweets, try these healthy, yet yummy BBQ recipe options! Grilled Chicken Sausage with Roasted Peppers: Instead of throwing hot dogs and buns on the grill, try an antibiotic-free chicken sausage. There are a few brands on the market these days, so check your local supermarket. To spice it up, slice up red, green, and orange bell peppers. Sprinkle the peppers with a dash of salt and pepper, throw it in a grill basket and onto the grill. This is a much healthier, lower in fat, and nitrate free option! Cold Pot

What is "Cupping" and all the Hype About?

You may have noticed circular marks on many of the Olympic Athletes, and have asked yourself “what are those marks about?” This technique is called cupping. Cupping is a myofascial technique used in conjunction with other range of motion exercises, stretching, and massage therapies. The technique is applied by placing suction cups or glass cups onto the skin in the area of tightness or discomfort. These cups “suck up” the soft tissue, causing the capillaries (that carry blood) to break. This eventually leads to bruising (which is what everyone is seeing). But this is also what helps loosen the tissue. The idea is to stimulate blood flow through the different layers of soft tissue, th

3 Uses for Kinesiotape

Kinesiotape is widely used by athletic trainers, physical therapists, and athletics around the world. With the start of the Summer Olympics, you are bound to see more of it. But what does it do? Here are three uses of kinesiotape. 1. It is used to help reduce swelling and inflammation: Kinesiotape can be applied over an acute injury, such as a sprained ankle. The tape will be applied in many small "wavy" strips. This technique is used to help with lymphatic drainage. The theory is the tape gently lifts the many layers of the skin, allowing the edema (or fluid) to drain faster. The tape is usually left on for 24-48 hours. 2. It is used to relax muscles: Kinesiotape can be applied fro

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