Understanding Injuries for Your Football Fantasy Draft

Football season is just around the corner. And that means it's draft season! Just as in years past, it is always nerve racking to bet on an injured player. So here are some helpful hints to determine if those injuries will just last preseason, or be season ending. 1. Shoulder Injuries: Shoulder injuries are most common among quarterbacks. More often than not, quarterbacks will suffer from tendonitis or bursitis - an inflammation of the tendon or bursae sac around the shoulder. These injuries can affect arm strength, but generally do not cause season ending injuries. However, rotator cuff tears or labral injuries can be more serious and may require surgical intervention, The rotator

3 Healthy Summertime Smoothie Recipes

Summertime brings some warm and hot days - which makes it difficult to cook and eat hot food! As an alternative to a warm cooked breakfast or lunch, a healthy smoothie can be a good option. But beware of what you put in your smoothie. It's best to use fruits low in sugar and add a veggie or two for the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals. Also avoid using milk products like yogurt which are often loaded with sugar. Try these 3 tasty recipes that are also good for you: 1. The Green Monster Machine: This green drink is tasty and rich in antioxidants. -1 Green Apple sliced into bite size pieces - Healthy handful of Kale leaves (trim off branch, stems) - 1 Teaspoon of pure Maple Sy

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