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The October Exercise Plan

With the start of October we are rolling into the Fall, which means the Holidays are not far away. Get a jump start of your health and wellness program by trying this October Workout Plan.

  1. Planks - prop up on elbows and toes. Pull in your abs and squeeze your buttocks. Hold for 30 seconds without arching your back.

  2. Bridges - lay on your back with knees bent. Pull in your abs and squeeze your buttocks. Lift your hips up without using your back. Repeat 20 times.

  3. Squats - stand with feet hip width apart and toes straight ahead. Bend your knees keeping pressure on your heels and stick your buttocks back. Return to standing and repeat 20x

  4. Push ups - start on hands and toes. Pull in abs and squeeze shoulder blades together. Slowly bend your elbows to the level of your chest. Return to starting position and repeat 20x

  5. Step ups - place one foot on a step. Slowly straighten the knee and press through the heel as you come up on the step. Then bent the knee and place foot backwards on the floor. Repeat 20x

  6. Wall angels - stand with your waist up against the wall palms facing outward. Slowly drag your arms up the wall making an “angel” and keeping everything flat on the wall. Repeat 20x

Repeat this program once a day for 30 days and get your body ready for the winter season. For more exercise tips make sure to visit


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