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The Proper Desk Design

Since many of us are still working from home, it’s time to get serious about our desk design. Creating a proper ergonomic set-up will help prevent neck pain, shoulder injuries and back issues. Try these 3 simple tips to

improve your home office design.

Get a proper chair. Having a chair that is adjustable in height, and tilt is important. Making sure your hips and knees are in the proper position will prevent lower back injuries. You should also have a chair that supports your upper back and maintains proper posture throughout the day. And lastly, adjustable arm rests are also important in supporting the arms to prevent shoulder and neck pain.

Position the monitor correctly. Your monitor should be front and center, and not off to the side. Keeping your head and neck pointed square at the monitor will help prevent neck pain. The top of the monitor should also be eye level, preventing your neck from tilting up or down all day. If you use more than one screen, make sure they are all the same height and aligned in the center of the desk.

Use a standing desk. Having a desk that can be adjusted for both sitting and standing will prevent lower back pain and hip pain. It can also help reduce fatigue, increase caloric uptake, and improve posture. Adjusting yourself throughout the day will also eliminate repetitive stress on your body.

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