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  • Boston University Bachelors of Science in Health Studies 2002

  • Boston University Masters of Science in Physical Therapy 2004

  • Boston University Doctor of Physical Therapy 2007



  • Licensed Physical Therapist 2004

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer 2003

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Fitness Nutrition Specialist 2014

  • Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist 2015



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Inspired by her injuries as a high school athlete, Sara went to Boston University to study in the physical therapy program.  Here, she earned her three degrees in health and physical therapy. While in school, she also received her personal training certification to start working with clients in the health industry.  Over the years, she has gained experience in many settings and techniques.  Sara has worked all over the country including California and New York.  Through this experience she has been able to collaborate with world-renowned surgeons and physicians including those who work with the NFL and MLB.  She has also been affiliated with the HSS Rehab Network and the Mt Sinai Rehabilitation Center.  Additionally, Sara has become a Nutrition Specialist and an Ergonomic Specialist.  Sara has also been a contributor to many popular publications such as US News & World Report, MSN, Spine Universe, and Cosmo Magazine. 

Sara opened her practice in 2016 to offer a more holistic approach to healthcare. She believes in providing lifestyle medicine to improve health -- treating and focusing on exercise, diet, sleep, and stress relief. 

While she’s not working, Sara loves to exercise, run, ski, snowboard, surf, and golf. She also enjoys cooking healthy meals for her family and friends. Sara lives in Beacon, NY with her husband and pup, Yazzie. 



Meet Dr. Sara in the video below! 

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