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Computer keyboard


Commonly our aches and pains are caused by incorrect ergonomics.  Sitting at a computer desk for many hours with the wrong seat height or monitor size can lead to neck pain, shoulder problems or even eye strain.  In addition, using your body incorrectly in everyday tasks, can also led to injury.  Have you ever wondered the best way to make your bed, pack your car, mow the lawn, or load the dishwasher?  With Sara’s background in ergonomic training, she can show you how to further prevent injuries.  With her training as a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist, she can also help with workstation set-up, organization techniques, and biomechanical movement training.  Learn how to properly move and use your body for any task whether it be at the computer, completing yard-work, cooking in the kitchen, or taking care of your kids. 

And now we offer this service virtually.  To schedule an appointment, just click the link above to Book Now!

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