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Looking for a little extra help with your fitness level or just need some motivation to get through your workouts?  With her background as both a personal training and physical therapist, Sara will be able to bring your body to new limits!  Her proven methods will help you improve your strength levels, endurance components, and range of motion.  You will be able to get fit, quicker with better results. 

Sara offers in-person, in-home personal fitness sessions throughout the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  She also offers virtual sessions through her telehealth platform.  For more information or to sign up, contact us below! 

Personal trainer


Do you have old nagging injuries?  With over a decade of experience in physical therapy, Sara can help you:


  • Strengthen to reduce your pain

  • Learn new ways to prevent re-injury

  • Play longer, faster

personal fitness and working out

Are you trying to reach a goal weight or get in shape?  With her background as a personal trainer and nutrition specialist, Sara will be able to:


  • Help you drop the pounds

  • Learn how to eat right

  • Get fit faster

lifting werights and working out

Trying to feel healthier but don't know where to start?  With her strong background in both the medical and fitness fields, Sara can help you:


  • Meet all your health goals

  • Build muscle and reduce fat

  • Prevent disease and illness

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