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"I have been to many PTs in  my day, and Sara was above and beyond any PT experience I have had.  She was attentive, listened to my concerns and needs, and provided excellent one-on-one hands on treatment.  I would recommend Sara to any of my friends and family."


"Sara is one of the best PTs in the city.  I am so lucky to have found her!  She really understands the body and is able to explain everything to me."


"Sara has helped me through many injuries - knee, back, shoulder and hips.  Thank goodness she was part of my treatment team or I might not have returned to tennis, kayaking or the gym." 


"Sara is very knowledgeable and I am grateful to have her as a resource.  She always is available to answer my questions, returns calls and emails promptly."


"Sara has worked with my father, my sons and me - she is part of the family and keeps us all moving!"  


"I went to many different PTs for my back pain and no one could identify what was giving me the pain.  After 3 visits with Sara, my pain started to go away.  I am now able to walk without any pain!  I am so thankful to have worked with Sara."  


"Sara is very caring and compassionate!  She always listened to my concerns and helped align me with the right healthcare team."


"I was treated by Sara for a traumatic shoulder injury - without her, I would not have been able to move my arm overhead ever again.  Thanks to her, I can throw a football with my son."

"Sara is a life-changer. I was suffering with a debilitating case of sciatica and her care, experience, and professionalism  got me back on my feet and back to a normal life.  I owe Sara a tremendous debt of gratitude.  Thank You Sara!"

"It’s been a pleasure working with Dr Sara Mikulsky. I had a slight tear in my MCL  and then COVID hit which didn’t allow me to attend physical therapy. Our telehealth sessions were excellent. She was always prepared and helped me tremendously to the point where I am back stronger, and physically active again."

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