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3 Reasons You Need a Healthcare Consultant

Over the last decade healthcare has become quite complicated. It can be pretty overwhelming to try and understand your medical bills, side effects of your medications, or what kind of healthcare practioner you need to see. That's when a healthcare consultant can be very helpful. A healthcare consultant is someone who guides you through your entire healthcare process. They can understand your medical bills, communicate with your healthcare providers, and explain all the details to you. Not convinced yet? Check out these 3 reasons why you need a healthcare consultant:

1. A healthcare consultant can coordinate all of your healthcare needs: Say you went our running today and tripped on a tree branch, fell and hurt your knee. Where should you go? Who should you call? A healthcare consultant can help you determine the best approach to take and can help you get in contact with that person. Here's another example: One morning you wake up and your left leg is hurting alot. You can barely weight bear or walk. You are not sure how the pain started or what is causing it. So you decide to call your healthcare consultant. Your consultant will discuss your symptoms, and together, you will decide on the plan. Your consultant will also get in touch with the doctor you decide is best, so they know you will be contacting them. In most caes, this also means you will get an appointment sooner!

2. A healthcare consultant can read, understand, and explain your medical bills: It can be very confusing to look at the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from the insurance company and try and understand what you, as the patient, is responsible for. Sometimes, medical procedures are not covered when they should be. This error could be due to the provider using an improper medical billing code. If the provider fixes the code, the procedure would be covered. Your healthcare consultant would be able to identify these errors, get in contact with the provider, and have the error fixed. Another complicating factor in healthcare is the "in-network" or "out-of-network" effect. Your healthcare consultant can also help explain what your financial responsibilities may be for seeing either provider. In some plans, it may be better to go "out-of-network" despite having to pay an upfront deductible. Your healthcare consultant will be able to determine this after reading through your healthcare plan.

3. A healthcare consultant can develop a plan for better living: It can be very overwhelming to change your diet, decide to exercise more, or agree to make a lifestyle change. Your healthcare consultant can develop the most appropriate plan for you. For example, you know that people in your family have diabetes, and if you don't change your lifestyle, you are at risk too. But how do you know where to start? Your healthcare consultant can help coordinate your diet with a nutritionst, your exercise regime with a trainer, and modify other unhealthy habits with your doctor or other healthcare providers. Your healthcare consultant will get you on the right track, plan in hand, and ready to move forward.

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