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What Makes My PT Methods Different

These days it seems like everyone is in PT! Whether you are seeking treatment for lower back pain, arthritis, balance issues, or post-surgical procedures, it's important to pick a physical therapist who can meet your needs. My philosophy is simple - what do you want to be able to do. I start by looking at your muscle and joint biomechanics. They are all designed to move in a specific way. Many times, pain and dysfunction are a result of improper biomechanics. I can then use manual techniques to help place your muscles and joints in the correct biomechanical position. Thereafter, I will teach and show you specific exercises to help maintain these correct biomechanics. Additionally, I will educate you on what is the correct movement, and what is not. So going forward, you can fix your own body. Plain and simple - good PT is not just exercise. It is a combination of many techniques. Here are a few more methods that make my PT different:

1. One Hour Sessions: My sessions are always a full hour, so we have enough time to examine your movement, correct the dysfunction and show you how to prevent it. Your session will also only be with me, the therapist, and not an assistant.

2. Nutrition and Diet Support: It has become clear in recent research, that our diets affect how our bodies feel and function. With my nutrition background, we can also assess your diet and make the correct changes to help improve your recovery time.

3. Hands-On Techniques: Many times exercise alone is not enough to fix our joints and muscles. I can provide joint mobilization, myofascial release, and other manual techniques to help you perform exercises more effectively.

4. Exercise and Movement Education: Once we determine the cause of your dysfunction and pain, we will design an exercise program for you. I will show you how to properly move through your exercises and daily function. You will learn to walk better, sit better, run better and sleep better.

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