Why Dak Prescott's Compound Fracture May be Better than a Sprain.

For those of you who were able to stomach Dak Prescott's compound ankle fracture last Sunday, you may be thinking his career is over. But not so fast! Sometimes fractures can be less complicated than a sprain depending on the location of the ligament, its blood supply and amount of trauma. Here are three reasons a compound fracture is better than a grade 3 sprain (large tear of a ligament) in the ankle. Bone has very good blood supply: In order for any part of our body to heal well, it must have a good blood supply. Blood is what brings nutrients and cells to help heal the injured area. Without blood, tissue or bone can become necrotic, eventually leading to the "death" of the tissue.

Need to See Your Doctor, but Worried about COVID-19? Follow these 5 Simple Steps

The CDC recently updated information on the spread of COVID-19. The main changes are that COVID-19 is now seen as an airborne disease and that it can spread at distances further than 6 feet. So what do you need to do if you need to see your doctor or physical therapist to treat your aches and pains? Take these simple precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones: Always wear a mask: You should always wear a mask, especially when indoors and you should not take it off. Ensure the mask covers both your mouth and nose to prevent airborne droplets from entering your respiratory system. Additionally, make sure your mask has multiple layers, includes filters or is an N95 mask that has

Working from Home a Pain in the A**? Try these 3 Stretches to Reduce Pain.

Working from home has its definite advantages, but let's face it, it can really start to hurt our behinds. Now that we are no longer commuting to work, walking around the office, or going out for lunch, we find ourselves spending way too much time sitting at our desks. So instead of enduring the pain, try these 3 simple stretches to get that pain out of your a**! The Piriformis Stretch: First off, get out of your chair! Second, lay down on your back and cross your right ankle over your left knee (once it's bent). Then pull the left knee up to your chest with your right ankle on the left knee. Hold this stretch for about 30 seconds. A stretch should be felt across the hip and buttock a

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