3 Fun Summertime Activities

Summer is filled with all kinds of outdoor and active things to do. It is truly a great time to get outside with family and friends, get some steps in, and work on getting back into shape! For some new inspiration, try these fun activities this summer! 1. SUP - Stand Up Paddle Boarding is exactly as it sounds. You stand on a long board, with a paddle and push yourself in the weer. This activity is a great way to work out your core, arms, and even get some cardio in, especially if you do it upstream! These boards are usually very inexpensive to rent. But you can also purchase a blow up version so you can travel anywhere with it! 2. Disc Golf - You guessed it! This is golf but instead

The Golfer's Warm Up

Golf season is finally here and as golf courses around the US start to re-open, it's time to get in shape for that for that golf game. It has probably been awhile since you last golfed, so don't forget to spend extra time warming up and getting those muscles and joints moving! Try these 3 Golf Stretches to get you going! !. Hip Rotation Stretches: The hips are one of the most important areas to stretch before playing golf. If we do not swing and rotate through our hips, it may mess up your drive, or even worse - hurt your back! Try this stretch to get those hips moving. Stand with your feet a little wider than hip feet apart. Slowly rotate to the right and pivot on your back foot. K

3 Summer Ab Exercises

Summer is not far away and that means it's time for the beach! Not feeling too confident about your beach body? Then try these 3 Ab Exercises to get you back in shape and ready for that swimsuit! 3 Summer Ab Exercises 1. The Basic Plank: Starting on your stomach, prop yourself up on your forearms, elbows and toes. Pull you abs and buttock muscles in tight. Make sure you are not rounding or arching your back. Hold this position for up to 1 minute and repeat 2 times. 2. The Total Body Cross: Start by laying on your back with legs out and arms overhead. Pull in your ab muscles and lift your right arm and left leg upward towards each other, along with your head and neck. Try to touch you

Do You Need Nutrition Advice?

Many of us think we have a relatively good understanding of healthy eating. But how do you know for certain? Maybe you need a little advice on specific products. Or maybe you need some advice on meal planning to make healthy eating easier. Or maybe you really have no idea what the right foods are anymore! Take this quiz to find out if getting a little advice would help you. True or False: Fat is bad for me. 2. True or False: Carbs are bad for me. 3. True or False: I should eat a lot of protein. See the answers below. If you answered true to any of these, you may want to check in with a nutrition specialist. Answers: False- Fat is not bad for us! However, we do want to make sure we

Our TeleHealth Office is Open!

Get the help and advice you need….on-demand from the comfort of your own home! Here are three reasons telehealth can work for you. 1. Your Environment: Having a little neck pain or back pain? With our telehealth platform we can easily assess what is causing the issue. We can evaluate your movements and biomechanics in your environment, in real time. This makes fixing pain or ergonomic issues fast and easy! 2. Convenient and On-demand: Do you need some quick advice, but don’t have time? Our telehealth services eliminate the need to travel and you can book easily from your computer or phone. Get help fast and on your schedule. 3. Easy to Connect: Not sure you can manage the tech? Our

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