The Butterfly Stretch

I was recently interviewed and quoted about my knowledge in performing the butterfly - a stretch for the hip adductor muscles. Check out the highlights below: The good news is there is no right or wrong way to do the butterfly stretch. According to Sara Mikulsky, DPT, the founder of Sara Mikulsky Wellness Physical Therapy, there are different benefits to both static and dynamic adaptations. The butterfly stretch is popular for reducing tightness in the inner thigh due to muscle overuse or compensation for the hip flexor - which is why it's a great groin stretch! You also target the hip joint, which can help improve mobility, Mikulsky said. "The butterfly should be incorporated into any exerc

Check out my recent quote in UseBody - a healthy living website

I was recently interviewed about my knowledge in helping people improve their balance. I described a few techniques that can be used to improve balance while walking. Check out the article, "Balance Can Be Improved By Walking", by clicking here! For more helpful tips and techniques, visit my website at

The Different Type of Running Shoes

I often get asked, "What kind of running shoe should I buy?" And my answer always is, "It depends." Running shoes can be the difference in preventing injury, improving your running form, or helping you push through to your mileage goal. But each type of running shoe has a different purpose. Check out these four types of running shoes and learn about which shoe might suit you best. 1. Barefoot Running Shoes: A few years back this type of shoe was all the rage. You might remember them. They actually had toes. This shoe claimed that it improved balance, proprioception, and ability to feel the road. All of this is true, but this is not the shoe for everyone. Barefoot shoes offer very

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