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How to Set Up Your Home Office

Since the pandemic, more of us are working from home. But is your home office set up hurting you in the long run? Try these 3 things to make sure you have the best home office set up to stop pain!

1. Your chair back is the appropriate height: Not only should your chair support your lower back, but the upper back needs attention too. Make sure your chair back comes all the way up at least to your shoulders. Having your chair support the upper back will encourage better posture, and help reduce neck pain. It can also be a great way to remind you to sit up straight against the upper back of your chair.

2. The top of your monitor is eye level: Make sure that your computer monitor is not too low or too high. The top of the monitor should be equal to eye level when sitting up straight. This height will prevent your neck from flexing and extending too much. Keeping the neck in a more neutral position is optimal. When working on a laptop it may also be better to use a docking system to adjust the screen height.

3. Make sure your desk is the correct height: Ideally, your desk should allow your shoulders to be neutral, your elbows bent at 90 degrees, and your wrists should also be neutral. If the desk is too low, this may put strain on your wrist, and if it's too high this can stress the shoulder. I would also suggest getting an adjustable desk that can be used for both sitting and standing. This will allow multiple people in the family to use the desk safely.

For more tips on correct desk set up ideas or to schedule a virtual desk set up assessment, visit

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