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Is My Physical Therapist Good?

The healthcare world can be a confusing place. It can be difficult to identify good providers, correct plans of care, and expectations of your health. Here are 3 ways to know if your physical therapist (PT) is good.

1. They spend the entire treatment time with you: A good PT will spend the whole time with you, guiding you through the exercises and techniques. They will not leave you to attend to other patients nor will they hand you off to an assistant. They are invested in teaching you how to properly move, complete your exercises safely, and help get you better faster.

2. They provide hands-on techniques, not just exercise: A good PT will provide manual techniques to help improve your recovery process. These hands-on techniques may be in the form of joint mobilization, manual nerve stretching, myofascial release, or manipulations to your muscles and joints. These techniques will help improve the biomechanics of your body, which will decrease your symptoms and help you exercise better.

3. They will provide education and explain your diagnosis: A good PT will help you understand your diagnosis and explain the plan of care to you. A good PT wants you to be in the know, and understand how to solve your issues. The PT will also teach you how to prevent further injury. You will work together to develop a treatment plan that works for you.

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