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#TBT: 3 Exercises Every Snowboarder Should Complete

Even with the warmer temps, snowboarding season is here! Since it’s probably been a little while since you rode that board, try these 3 exercises to prep the body. Whether you are hitting it hard in the pow or digging your edges into the ice, these exercise are sure to help improve your endurance and technique.

1. Single Leg Squat on a Chair: Standing on a stable chair or stool, place right leg off the side. Then slowly bend your left knee, while keeping your bottom back and pressure on your heel. Control the knee and keep it stable. Then slowly straighten your knee. Complete 2 sets of 15 on both sides.

2. Planks with a Twist: Starting in full plank position (on palms and toes), tighten your bottom. Slowly lift and rotate your left arm toward the ceiling, keeping your stomach and bottom tight. Place it back on the floor and repeat the same on the right side. Alternate back and forth for 2 sets of 20.

3. Side Stepping with Squats: Placing an elastic band around your ankles, slightly bend your knees. Take one step to the right and then complete a squat. Then step together. Take another step to the right, and repeat. Complete 10 repetitions and then repeat going to the left.

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