3 Reasons to Sign up for Virtual Fitness Classes

Virtual fitness classes can be a great way to get exercise in while on the go or while staying home. Here are 3 reasons you should give virtual fitness classes a try and check out our offerings for Sara's Boot Camp, Core is King, and Balance & Stand. 1. Do it anywhere: Virtual fitness classes often only require an internet connection, smartphone or computer. Therefore, you really have no excuse to not exercise. This ability to participate in fitness anywhere (the park, your home, while traveling) can help keep you on track with your fitness goals. 2. Curated by professionals: Many virtual fitness classes have been designed by professionals who understand how the body moves, how to pre

Preventing "Tech Neck"

With all of us working and schooling from home more than even, our necks are at risk for developing "Tech Neck." Tech Neck is the term we have given the forward lean, increased curve in the neck and rounded shoulder posture. This posture can lead to neck pain, early onset arthritis, and even herniated discs. To prevent this posture, try these 3 things. 1. Get a Standing Desk: By standing you can get the pressure off your neck and help improve your posture. Just by standing, you also can better align your spine and engage your upper back muscles. Switching between sitting and standing throughout the day can also improve lower back pain and hip pain. Check out this standing desk sold o

The Suspension Training Workout

I have received a lot of inquiries and questions about TRX Suspension Training workouts. I am a fan! This equipment allows for a fabulous workout and can easily be adjusted in intensity levels. It is safe for a variety of clients, even those with post-surgical issues, balance problems, and pain. Check out this video I made a few months ago for some basic exercise ideas. And if you are interested in purchasing the TRX Suspension Trainer, you can find it on my website by clicking here. If you would like your own TRX Suspension Training Program, you can book a Telehealth Session with me. I can design a program specifically tailored for your goals and needs. (I am a certified TRX Suspens

The 3 Best Exercises to Do Everyday!

Are you trying to stay fit? How about trying to prevent pain? Or just need direction in how to exercise? Then try these 3 simple exercises everyday. They will help improve function, range of motion, and strength. 1. Squats Squats are one of the most functional exercises anyone can do. This exercise mimics getting up and down off a chair. This exercise is so important that there is a functional medical test that correlates age with the amount of squats one can complete. It is predictive of fall risk and generalized health. To complete this exercise, place your feet hip width apart. Then start to bend at your hips and knees. Keep your weight back on your heels and bring the behind ba

3 Tasty "Mocktail" Recipes

When you are in the mood for more than just water but don't want the added calories from booze, try these fun and healthy mocktail recipes! 1. Cranberry Basil Spritzer: Ingredients: Lemon Seltzer Water Fresh basil leaves chopped A few fresh cranberries Ice Directions: In a large glass place cranberries and chopped basil. Place ice in the glass and pour seltzer over top. Garnish with basil leaf. 2. Berry Mint Fresher: Ingredients: Raspberry seltzer water A few fresh blueberries Fresh mint leaves chopped Ice Directions: in a large glass, place blueberries and chopped mint. Top with ice and pour seltzer over. Garnish with mint leaf. 3. Orange Rosemary Delight: Ingredients: Regular seltzer

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