Setting Up an Ergonomic Home Office

As COVID-19 continues to affect all of our lives, we are leaning to adjust to the new normal. For many of us, learning to work from home has been another challenge. Not only adjusting to a new schedule but also trying to find a place that allows us to concentrate and also be ergonomically correct can be tricky in this new environment. In order to help you through this process try these few simple tricks to help make your work set-up ergonomic at home. Check your monitor: To have a proper ergonomic set-up, you should check that the top of your screen is eye level when sitting straight up. If you find that your laptop screen is too small, you may want to connect it to an external monitor.

Telehealth Schedule is Live!

To all my clients, friends & family, As the reality of the COVID-19 virus sets in and effects all of our lives, I wanted to let you know I am here for you. Although I am no longer offering face-to-face physical therapy sessions, I am pleased to announce the launch of my telehealth services. These services will allow you and your family to: Virtually attend physical therapy sessions Get advice on pain and injury management Receive an ergonomic assessment of your work or school set-up Seek nutrition advice and discuss healthy meal planning Acquire a personalized home fitness program Discuss techniques for de-stressing Seek professional healthcare advice Unfortunately at this time, Medicare d

#TBT: Sara's 10 Minute Total Body Workout

During this crazy time of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's even more important to remain healthy and active. Exercise can also help relieve stress and anxiety. This quick 10 minute program requires no equipment and can be completed anywhere. Enjoy this throwback video and keep active! #stayactive #telehealth #physicaltherapy 1. Squats: Make sure to press through your heels and extend through your back side. Complete 20 repetitions of 2 sets 2. Arm Star Pattern: Assume the push up position. While keeping your stomach tight, rotate your body and arms upward. Make sure to turn your head as well and alternate side to side. Repeat 20 repetitions of 2 sets. 3. Quadruped Alternating Arm and Leg

Working from Home and Preventing Neck Pain

With more of us working from home in ad hoc situations, it may be difficult to get comfortable and focused. You may also start to experience neck pain due to a non-ergonomic set-up. Therefore, try these 6 simple things to help improve your set-up, prevent neck pain, and help you focus more at home. You can also schedule a telehealth session with Sara Mikulsky at for more customized advice. Check your monitor height: Make sure that the top of your computer monitor is in-line with your eyes. This prevents non-ergonomic neck positions and limits excessive neck extension. Also make sure that your monitor is at a relatively close distance so you are not straini

Now Offering Telehealth Visits!

As we all deal with the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, I am pleased to announce I am now offering telehealth sessions. With this service, you will be able to receive the care and advice you need, but from the comfort and safety of your home or office over live video chat. This service is an option for all my clients located in New York, Massachusetts, and California. The process is quite simple. If you are interested in having a telehealth session instead of your in-person session, please contact me at to set up your appointment. More details are listed below: Email to set up your appointment Before your session, you will be asked to sign

The Future of Physical Therapy (PT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is AI? AI = Artificial Intelligence and it simply means a computer acting human like – making decisions, identifying objects, and having voice recognition. AI will seemingly effect every industry at varily levels. But it is still unclear how AI will directly impact physical therapy. Therefore, let’s take a close look at AI and PT together. Currently, there are two basic forms: ◦Machine Learning ◦Deep Learning What is Machine Learning? Machine learning or ML occurs when a code is entered into a computer to allow the computer to “train” itself. Instead of entering many codes, only one code is needed. Then the computer is fed millions of datasets. The computer will “learn” to Identify th

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