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Telehealth Schedule is Live!

To all my clients, friends & family,

As the reality of the COVID-19 virus sets in and effects all of our lives, I wanted to let you know I am here for you. Although I am no longer offering face-to-face physical therapy sessions, I am pleased to announce the launch of my telehealth services. These services will allow you and your family to:

  • Virtually attend physical therapy sessions

  • Get advice on pain and injury management

  • Receive an ergonomic assessment of your work or school set-up

  • Seek nutrition advice and discuss healthy meal planning

  • Acquire a personalized home fitness program

  • Discuss techniques for de-stressing

  • Seek professional healthcare advice

Unfortunately at this time, Medicare does not cover telehealth services for physical therapy. Private insurers also have very limited coverage for physical therapy telehealth. However, this may change in the coming weeks. As a result, I am offering these services as a self-pay option. I am also offering a free 15-minute telehealth consultation. My telehealth services will be offered in 45-minute appointment times for $75. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please click this link:

Stay safe and healthy!


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