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3 Summer Ab Exercises

Summer is not far away and that means it's time for the beach! Not feeling too confident about your beach body? Then try these 3 Ab Exercises to get you back in shape and ready for that swimsuit!

3 Summer Ab Exercises

1. The Basic Plank: Starting on your stomach, prop yourself up on your forearms, elbows and toes. Pull you abs and buttock muscles in tight. Make sure you are not rounding or arching your back. Hold this position for up to 1 minute and repeat 2 times.

2. The Total Body Cross: Start by laying on your back with legs out and arms overhead. Pull in your ab muscles and lift your right arm and left leg upward towards each other, along with your head and neck. Try to touch your toes with your hand. Then return to the prior position and switch sides, making sure to keep your abs tight throughout the motion. Repeat 2 sets of 20.

3. The Concentrated Crunch: Start by laying on your back with your knees bent. Pull your abs in and lift your knees to your chest. Place your hands behind the base of your head and neck, and lift up your head, neck, shoulder blades, and shoulders. Repeat 2 sets of 20.

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