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10 Easy Ways to Change Your Diet...For The Better!

1. Eliminate sugar and milk in your coffee: Taking out this small amount of calories will add up. Plus, you will keep your blood sugar levels down.

2. Put dressing on the side of salad and use it as a dip: You don’t need much dressing to give your salad flavor. Keep the dressing on the side and gently dip it with each bite. You will use half as much dressing and decrease those extra calories.

3. Cook with avocado oil instead of butter: Avocado oil will give you the good fat you need without the saturated fat butter provides.

4. Eat steamed or sautéed vegetables: When you fill your plate, make sure that half of it is veggies. You can fill the other half with proteins, carbs, etc. Cooking veggies in steam or sauté better preserves the phytochemicals. So, instead of baking vegetables, boil or throw them in the pan.

5. Stop drinking soda: We all know that soda is filled with sugar, and sugar is not great for us. Swap your soda for seltzer water. If you need flavor, try using real fruit to give it taste.

6. Drink 1 glass of wine and eliminate sugary cocktails: Instead of having a sugary margarita or cosmos, try just one glass of wine. It still contains sugars, but has many phytochemicals that are good for our bodies.

7. If you must eat bread, have only whole grain: Bread is made of mostly refined flour and sugar. Again, it’s not the best stuff for us. However, if you want a sandwich, it’s best to use whole grain bread. Whole grain means it’s less processed. Therefore it still has some of its natural and healthy components.

8. Eat plain Greek yogurt instead of a favored brand: Many yogurts that have flavoring are filled with sugar. Instead, switch to a plain Greek yogurt. If you must have flavor, add a small amount of real maple syrup or plain fruit.

9. Add a probiotic to your diet to help with digestion: Probiotics help stabilize your digestion when taken with water. It will also help eliminate cramping or abdominal pressure.

10. Have a small piece of dark chocolate for dessert: If you are a glutton for desserts, try swapping the ice cream and cake for a small piece dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has less processing, slightly less sugar, and more phytochemicals.

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