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3 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Your Working at Home Family Members

This holiday season will no doubt be a bit different than usual. And we also may be purchasing some different kind of gifts this year as well. For those who have switched to schooling and working from home, adjusting to the change has been challenging, both psychologically and physically. Getting the right desk and home office set up is key to prevent discomfort, pain and injuries down the road. So maybe think about purchasing these items as a gift this year to help keep your loved ones safe and pain free!

  1. An Adjustable Desk: There has been much discussion around standing desks and the importance of not sitting all day. However, standing all day can take its toll as well. So, try purchasing an adjustable desk that can go from sitting to standing. With this desk, changes can be made throughout the school or work day to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

  2. A Proper Ergonomic Chair: For some reason, this always seems to be the hardest purchase for everyone. I get sent many photos of really nice looking chairs that don't have back support, arm support and neck support. I'm often asked, "Will this chair work for my desk set up?" Most often, the answer is, "not really". If you are going to be working or schooling from home, it is best to invest in a very supportive (and probably not so nice looking) chair. The chair should support not only your lower back, but upper back, neck, and arms. It should be adjustable not only in seat height but also tilt, arm height, and lumbar support.

  3. A Tablet/Phone Holder: Instead of holding the phone or tablet while on Zoom calls, it is better to have the device supported at eye level. This will prevent fatigue of your arms, and irritation in the neck. Also purchasing a holder that is adjustable can allow use with multiple devices.

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