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6 Stretches for Lower Back Pain

I was recently quoted in The Healthy about my expertise in treating lower back pain. Lower back pain is a very common injury that close to 80% of Americans will face at some point in their life. Stretching can be an easy and simple way to treat some of the causes of lower back pain. This article describes stretches for different causes of back pain. For example,

If the Prone Press-up is simply not doable, the Standing Backbend is another option for achieving back extension. This can be particularly helpful if you experience localized pain while sitting, says physical therapist Sara Mikulsky, owner of Wellness Physical Therapy. “When we spend long hours sitting, our core muscles can weaken and our hip flexors can tighten,” she says. “This then puts abnormal strain on the spine and its structure, which can lead to pain.”

For the full article and to see all 6 stretches, click here. And for more helpful tips, visit my website or sign up for a Virtual Physical Therapy Session with me by clicking here!


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