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Cold Weather Got You Down? Try These Winter Workouts

Cold weather can make it challenging to workout. Not to mention the sun sets much earlier, so getting outdoors can be less enticing. So instead try these three winter workouts to keep you going.

Outdoor Jump Roping: Running in the snow or ice can be dangerous. But if you are looking for cardio outdoors, you may find jump roping an option. This form of exercise will get your heart rate up but prevent you from slipping and sliding. To make it even safer, jump rope on a small door mat or yoga mat outside. Try jump roping in 3 minute increments, working your way up to 30 minutes.

TRX Suspension Training: The TRX is a great portable exercise system. It can be attached to a wall, ceiling or hung over a doorframe. The TRX can be used to strengthen, stretch, and improve balance. And depending on how fast you exercise, it can be used as a cardio workout. Try completing exercises for each section of the body and then repeat for a 30 minute workout

Snow Shoeing: If you enjoy snow sports or hiking then this is the exercise plan for you. Snow showing is a great way to get your heart rate up outdoors and is safe even in snowy conditions. Depending on the grade of your trail, you can intensify the activity. And its a great way to workout he legs and cardiovascular system. Make sure to plan out your path before you hit the trails.

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