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Dumbbells and Gluts - How to Exercise Them Together

Dumbbells can be a great way to change up an exercise and work muscles in a new way. Having a variety of resistance types (like bands, cable weight and free weight) is a great way to improve muscle performance and strength. Dumbbells or free weights require the individual to not only hold the weight but also stabilize the joints. This is because dumbbells offer more "degrees of freedom" and are not physically attached to anything. So the weight must be stabilized against gravity through space. The gluts (or buttock muscles) are one of the most important muscles to exercise. Maintaining strength in this muscle group improves posture, prevents back pain, and propels the legs. When we have weakness in the gluts, we are at risk for back pain, lower extremity injuries or even falls. Try this great exercise incorporating free weights and the gluts.

The Singled Leg Roman Deadlift: In this exercise the individual will hold a weight anywhere from 3-10 pounds with both hands. Then the individual will stand and balance on one leg. While balancing, the person will hinge forward on the hip, keeping the knee and back straight. The individual will hinge forward and feel a pull in the glutes and hamstring. Then while maintaining form, the person will come back to upright while balancing on the leg. This will be repeated 15 times on each leg and repeated for 2-3 sets. This exercise works the glutes eccentrically, making them stabilize the body and extend it back to upright. This exercise is also used for high level core stabilization training.

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