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Golf Season is Here! Try this Golfer's Warm Up

Golf season is finally here and as golf courses start to re-open, it's time to get in shape. It is also a good idea to spend extra time warming up and getting those muscles moving! Try these 3 Golf Stretches to get you going!

Hip Rotation Stretches: The hips are one of the most important areas to stretch before playing golf. If we do not swing and rotate through our hips, it may mess with your drive, or even worse - hurt your back! Try this stretch to get those hips moving. Stand with your feet a little wider than hip width apart. Slowly rotate to the right and pivot on your back foot. Keep the rotation concentrated at the hips and do not rotate through the lower back. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds on each side and repeat 3 times on each hip.

Thoracic Spine Rotation Stretches: Keeping the middle back flexible will also improve your swing and your game. Additionally, keeping the middle back mobile will also limit stress on the lower back and prevent injury. Try this stretch to improve your middle back mobility. Standing with your feet wider than hip width apart, place a club behind your back. Wrap your elbows around the club and slowly rotation right and left. Make sure to rotate only through the upper back and keep the lower back neutral. Hold each side for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times on each side.

Forearm Stretches: Your first few times out this season, you may notice some soreness in your forearms after readjusting your grip. Make sure to keep the hands relaxed while swinging that club. But to prevent the forearms from getting sore, try this exercise as well. Hold out your right arm, with the elbow straight. Let your wrist flop down as your palm faces the ground. Then use your left hand to gently press down on your other hand, as you feel the stretch along your forearm. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and repeat 2 times on each arm.

For more tips and tricks for the golfer, visit our website and ask about our Return to Golf Program by clicking !


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