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Holiday Shopping? Check Out My Top Fitness Gifts

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to do a little shopping. And what says I care about you more than the gift of health. So check out these top fitness gifts and put them in your shopping cart today. b

Bosu Ball: This ball is half ball, half platform. It can be used for multiple exercises like working the core by crunching on it. It can also be used to improve balance and leg strength by completing squats and lunges on it. The Bosu is designed to be used on either side. And you can work out just about any muscle including arms and legs.

TRX Suspension Trainer: The TRX trainer is a fantastic way to use body weight and gravity to strengthen your body. It’s also portable and can be attached to a stable surface or used over a door. You can workout the entire body, but also work on flexibility and balance training. It’s a great total body fitness tool.

Thera-loops: These exercise bands come in multiple resistance levels and can be used on arms and legs. These bands help train your strength in both directions - working to control the movement in expanding and releasing the band. These are also great because they are easy to travel with so there’s no excuse for not exercising.

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