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It’s Ski Season! Help Those Sore Legs Recover Quickly!

Ski season is upon us and it may take your legs a moment to adjust to the activity. As a result, you may have more soreness in your legs due to lactic acid build up (a by-product of muscle injury). But never fear! Try these three techniques to decrease leg pain after skiing.

Foam Rolling: Using a foam roller to improve muscle flexibility and mobility can reduce lactic acid build up and soreness. Using the foam roller for the calves, quads and hamstrings is a great way to work on the muscles of the legs. Try rolling over each area for a few minutes.

The Theragun: It’s not just for runners! The theragun can also help decrease pain and improve mobility in the legs, arms and back. But use caution over the spine and sensitive areas, and reduce the intensity. Using the theragun to massage over the sore areas can also help reduce lactic acid build up and pain. Try it for a few minutes over each sore area.

Dynamic Stretching: This "good old fashion" technique can also help improve mobility and decrease pain. This type of stretching involves constant motion rather than static holding. You can try it for your legs and arms. Complete multiple repetition for each area.

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