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Keeping “Dry” January Going? Try These 3 Mocktail Recipes for a Booze-Free February!

Did you make it through "dry" January by avoiding alcohol, and want to keep the streak going? Great for you! Or perhaps you are just looking to cut back on drinking a little more this month. Then try these three mocktail recipes that will sure to be crowd favorites.

The Cranberry Spritzer: This drink is a play on our favorite boozy cranberry drinks. Start with using club soda or lime seltzer, and a splash of cranberry juice. Then mix in fresh mint leaves and cranberries. Serve over ice!

The Manhattan-ish: This drink is a play on the classic Manhattan cocktail. Using cherry seltzer, mix in walnut or other favored non-alcohol bitters. Pour over ice and garnish with a cherry.

The Screw: This drink is a ode to the classic Vodka Screwdriver. Using seltzer water, mix in orange juice. Pour over ice and serve cold.

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