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Neck Pain? 3 Unexpected Reasons Your Neck Hurts

Neck pain is a common diagnosis among many Americans. People often find themselves waking up with a stiff and painful neck, not knowing the cause of the injury. There are some unexpected reasons your neck can start hurting. So make sure you read the list below to avoid giving yourself neck pain.

Incorrect Pillow: Using the correct pillow for sleeping is key in maintaining proper neck alignment. If the pillow is too soft or too firm, it can greatly impact how your neck feels in the AM. For example, if you are a side sleeper, the pillow may need to be thicker to "meet" your head and prevent side-bending of the neck. Conversely if you are a back sleeper your pillow may need to be softer and more adjustable to prevent your head from being pushed forward. Keep the neck in a neutral position at night can prevent neck pain.

Wrong Computer Height: Having the correct ergonomic design is also very important in preventing neck pain. For example if the monitor height is too low, your neck may become irritated by flexing forward all day. Alternatively, if the monitor is too high, the neck can be strained in extension. And if the monitor is too far away, you may also strain your neck be leaning forward all day. Ideally the top of the monitor should be eye level. So you may need a computer stand when working on a laptop.

Overloaded Handbag: Carrying a very heavy shoulder bag can also lead to neck issues. If the bag is very heavy and only carried on one side, this can cause the muscle to constantly "fire," leading to irritation and pain. Over long periods of time, this may even lead to an imbalance in shoulder heights and ability to rotate the head. Using a backpack is a safer way to carry items, especially if they are on the heavier side.

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