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Stop Shoulder Pain Before it Starts

Shoulder pain can be pretty debilitating to deal with. So why not stop it before it starts. Try these 3 exercises to prevent shoulder injuries from occurring.

Shoulder Blade Rows - To complete this exercise start by attaching an exercise band to a doorknob. Then standing in front of the band, hold each end in your hands. Start by standing up straight and squeezing back your shoulder blades. Then drive back your arms by further squeezing the blades together. Return to the resting position and repeat 20 times. Make sure to keep the neck and shoulders relaxed.

Shoulder External Rotation - To complete this exercise keep the band attached to the doorknob. Turn sideways to the band and grab one end of the band with the arm furthest from the door. Keeping your elbow bent, squeeze back your shoulder blade, and slowly rotate your forearm and hand out to the side. Return to the resting position and repeat 20 times. No pain should be in the shoulder.

Scaption Raises - To complete this exercise stand up straight and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Then, holding your arms with thumbs facing the ceiling slowly lift your arms to shoulder height while keeping them 45 degrees from the front. Return to the rest position and repeat 20 times. Your neck should stay relaxed, and your shoulder blades should stay back.

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