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What is Fascia Manipulation?

I Often get asked to explain what fascia is and how to treat it. Fascia is the tissue that encapsulates muscle. It is a thin layer of tissue that helps to keep the muscle fiber in bundles and protects the muscle. However it can become a problem if it is injured or scarred. When fascia is injured it may become tight or "scar down" on the muscle, preventing normal mobility. This can lead to muscle tightness or even pain. So how can we treat it? By completing fascia manipulation (aka myofascial release). This technique applies pressure to the fascia helping to loosen and release the scarring. It also stimulates blood flow and nutrients to the area to help healing. This pressure can be applied with ones hands or other rehab tools such as foam rollers, massage balls, "the stick" or theraguns. This technique is also a great preventative measure for reducing muscle soreness and lactic acid buildup after heavy activity. One can apply the technique to themselves or have another individual apply the treatment. Although the treatment can be uncomfortable, it is quite effective at improving mobility and preventing prolonged issues.

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