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3 Reasons You Should See a Physical Therapist Today

Not sure if you need to see a doctor, personal trainer or other healthcare provider. Did you know that Physical Therapists (PTs) are trained to assess injuries, refer to other providers, and provide personal fitness programs. Seeking care from a physical therapist is also safe, non-invasive and effective. Check out these 3 reasons to see a PT today!

You have long-standing pain. No one should have to live in pain all the time. In fact, there are many things PTs can do to treat pain. Whether it’s myofascial release, taping techniques, or joint mobilization, seeing a PT can help reduce your pain without the use of additive medication. It’s non invasive and safe to work with a PT to reduce your pain. So stop living in pain and go to a PT today

You want to exercise safely. Many of us would like to get in shape, be more fit, and improve our strength. But sometimes going at it on your own can lead to exercising incorrectly. PTs are trained to assess the biomechanics of your body and assess areas of weakness. From this information, PTs can design a safe and customized exercise program for you. So stop by a PT office today and inquiry about fitness training offers.

You need help with posture. Having poor posture can lead to injury and pain overtime. But correcting your posture can be tricky business. PTs are trained to assess postural deficits and can show you have to correct them. They can also show you how to properly sit, lift, walk and run to prevent poor posture and pain. So visit your local PT and have your posture assessed today.

For more helpful tips make sure to visit or visit our office located in Beacon, NY.


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