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Feeling Stressed? Try These 3 Things to Calm Your Nerves.

Stress can be overwhelming and bad for our health. But there are ways to manage our stress to help us stay healthy and well. Try these things to help reduce stress and put your mind at ease.

  1. Listen to the Ocean: Listening to the calming, melodic sound of the ocean can help regulate our breathing. This will help our heart rate slow, our blood pressure to decrease, and our mind to be at ease. If you cannot get to the actual ocean, try using a sound app on your smartphone. This will mimic the sound of the ocean and if you close you eyes you may just feel like you are there!

  2. Light a Candle: Scents can help us relax and feel positive emotions. On a stressful day, try coming home and filling the house with your favorite candle scent. This can help put your mind and muscles at ease and in a relaxed state. It will help you focus and have a better night sleep.

  3. Sit in Your Favorite Chair: Sometimes we just need a time out and sitting down in our favorite chair can help us achieve this. Sit calming in your chair and do nothing for 5 minutes. Try not to think about anything and just calmly sit. Focus on the comfort of the chair and how at ease your body feels.

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