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Going to the Beach? Try These 3 Beachside Exercises!

Going to the beach is one of my favorite activities of the summer. Enjoying the fresh salt water, listening to the waves, and feeling the warm breeze makes us all feel good. Exercising at the beach is also another great summertime activity that can challenge our bodies in different ways. So try these 3 beachside exercises to keep you going this summer.

Balancing Tree Pose: Working on our balance and posture is so important for all of us. And balancing on the sand can really challenge our core. To complete this exercise, start by standing firmly on one leg. Next bring the other foot flat onto your inner knee by rotating your leg outward. Press your palms together and maintain this position for 60 seconds. Focus on holding your core in tight and breathing normally.

Downward Full Plank: Exercising our core is one of the most important areas to strengthen. And doing it on the sand can make it even more challenging. To complete this exercise, start by getting onto palms and toes. Keep your head facing the water, pull in your core and breath. Then slowly lift one leg up hold for 10 seconds. Then repeat on the other leg switching 5 times.

Forward Walking Lunge: Strengthening all the muscles of the legs together can help improve our balance. Furthermore, completing functional exercises like squats and lunges also helps train our bodies to prevent injury. To complete this exercise start by putting one foot in front and keep the other leg back. Slowly bend both knees, keeping them in-line with the feet and hips. Then take a step forward and repeat. Take 10 steps forward and then turn around and repeat.

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