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My Recent Ergonomic Presentation for Amazon

I was recently invited to present on the correct workstation ergonomics for Amazon employees. Preventing "desk jockey" injuries has become a big topic in many corporations and, recently since the pandemic, many households. Check out the main highlights from my presentation and make sure your home and office workstations are correct. This will help prevent pain and eliminate injury in the future!

•Sit correctly: Make sure your hips are slightly higher than your knees, you back is fully supported and you use arm rests.

•Adjust your desk: Make sure the top of your computer screen is eye level and in front of you, not to the side.

•Listen to your body: If you feel pain, get up, move around and adjust your desk

•Switch between positions: Using an adjustable desk that switches between sitting and standing can prevent pain.

•Take breaks: Make sure to take a break at least every hour. Rest your eyes and your body.

•Seek professional care: If you continue to have pain make sure to get professional help.

If you need professional help or have more questions about ergonomics, you can visit and sign up for an ergonomic assessment!


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