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Need Workout Inspiration? Check Out My 3 Favorite Published Articles for Exercise.

We can all get a little bored with our exercise program. That's why it is important to switch things up to keep yourself motivated and on track. Check out these articles that I was featured in about my suggestions for exercises.

US News & World Report "Easy At-Home Ab Workouts for Women"

in this articles I discuss some of my favorite ab exercises that can be done anywhere/ So add this program to your workout to improve your core strength and stability.

OpenFit "Try These 9 Bodyweight Exercises to Build Shoulder Strength"

In this article, I touch upon using just bodyweight and no equipment to strengthen the upper body. That way, there is no excuse for not exercising! You can complete these exercises anywhere.

Byrdie "TRX Workouts Harness Gravity for a Total Body Workout"

In this article I discuss my favorite piece of equipment - the TRX Suspension System. This device allows you to utilize your bodyweight, gravity and resistance to get a total body workout. And this device can be easily used in your home. Its a great way to get a perfect total body workout.

For more exercise ideas or helpful articles, check out the "About Me" section on my website at:


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