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Pilates or Physical Therapy? Why You Should Do Both!

Pilates and Physical Therapy (PT) have a lot in common. And doing both of these programs together can help reduce pain, improve posture and make you stronger even faster. Check out the benefits of doing both of these programs below.

  1. It is Core Focused: Both Pilates and PT focus on core strength and control. And doing both of these programs together will make your core work in all kinds of ways. Having a strong core can help prevent back pain and prevent hip injuries.

  2. It is Posture Focused: Both of these programs will make you much more aware of your body's posture and motion through space. Learning how to move correctly and safely is a key in injury prevent and pain reduction. And by coupling these to forms of exercises, you will learn to move your body in any position.

  3. It is Strength Focused: Both of these forms of exercise focus on strengthen stabilizing muscles that help large muscles move more efficiently. By strengthening the stabilizing muscles we can better maintain posture, engage the core and therefore prevent pain.

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