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Prime Day is June 21st-22nd! Get Your Rehab and Exercise Equipment on Sale

Prime Day is a sale event put on by Amazon. On these two days, all Amazon Prime Members can receive discounts on everything Amazon sells! So what a better time then to purchase the exercise equipment you have been thinking about. You can also purchase that much needed ergonomic desk or chair at discounted rates. Check out my recommendations and favorite products below!

Standing Desk: This desk is fantastic for anyone who is working from home. It is adjustable with the push of a button. Heights can be customized for sitting, standing and different height chairs. This desk makes switching from sitting to standing a breeze! To purchase just click the link here.

TRX Suspension System: The TRX Suspension System is a great way to get a total body workout. And it's extremely portable and easy to set up anywhere. You will have no excuses to not exercise! This exercise equipment is my "go-to" for both rehab and training. Check it out by clicking here.

Ergonomic Chair: Havin a proper ergonomic chair is so important for preventing neck and back pain. If you spend long hours on your home computer it's a good idea to invest in a good chair. Your body will thank you! When looking for a chair, you should look for adjustable arm rests, height, tilt, back support and neck support. Check out this chair by clicking the link here.

Adjustable Weight System: Weight training is important in weight loss, maintaining bone health, and preventing muscle wasting. However, storing multiple sized weights in the home may not be ideal. That is why this adjustable weight rack system is great for storing weights in smaller spaces or closets. Check it out by clicking here.

For more types of rehab and exercise equipment make sure to visit my online store at

***Sara Mikulsky Wellness Physical Therapy is an Amazon Affiliate


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