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Shoulder Pain? Try These 3 Things to Reduce It

Shoulder pain is a common injury. But shoulder pain is also preventable. The shoulder is made up of many structures including joints and the rotator cuff muscles. Protecting these structures is key to reducing and preventing shoulder pain. Try these three simple techniques to reduce your shoulder pain.

. 1. Keep the Thumbs Up: When lifting the arms up, especially overhead, keeping the thumbs pointed up towards the ceiling can protect the rotator cuff tendons and joints of the shoulder. When the thumbs are pointed upward, it puts all the joints and structures in a better alignment, and allows for more space for all these structures to move. This positioning can prevent rotator cuff injuries.

2. Stretch the Chest: Keeping the pec muscles (chest ) open and flexible can also help improve shoulder positioning. When the pec muscle is tight, it can pull the shoulder forward, decreasing the space for the joints and rotator cuff muscles. This can put the shoulder at risk for injury. Therefore, stretching the pec muscles can keep the shoulder joint open and aligned properly.

3. Work the External Rotators: The muscles of the shoulder that rotate the arm outwards are important in shoulder mechanics. If these muscles are weak, the shoulder joint can become compressed with overhead lifting. Therefore, it is very important to maintain proper strength in the external rotator muscles of the shoulder.

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