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Skiing this Winter? Try this Ski Training Workout

Ski season is around the corner. Before you tune those skis, make sure to tune your body too! Training your body for ski season can help prevent injuries in the knees, back and shoulders. Check out the workout below to get ready to hit the slopes.

1. Squats - Completing this exercise will train the thigh muscles which can prevent knee pain. Try this exercise with both feet, then on one foot. Make sure to stabilize the knees during the entire exercise. 2. Planks - This exercise will improve core strength and posture, making it easier to control your skis. Try this exercise on forearms or palms. Keep the neck relaxed during the exercise. 3. Single Leg Balance - Working on balance is important in preventing falls but also in improving leg strength. Try this exercise on both the floor and standing on a pillow. 4. side Stepping - Doing this exercise with a resistance band will help improve hip strength. This can prevent knee injuries and help in turning control. Keep the body straight and toes ahead while completing the exercise. 5. Ball Bridges - Doing this exercise will improve hamstring strength which can prevent knee injuries. Lift the toes up while completing this exercise to work the hamstrings.

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