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Traveling This Summer? Try Virtual Care for Your Health Needs

Just because you are traveling this summer doesn't mean you need to stop your rehab goals or put them on hold. You can continue to get great care virtually while you are away at the beach or traveling to visit family! Virtual care can also be a great supplement to your in person care, keeping you on target and doing your exercises. Here are three reasons you should consider virtual care while you are away!

Virtual care is convenient. Getting virtual care is more convenient than ever. Not only do you NOT have to travel for your care, you can often access it via your computer, tablet and even your smartphone. This gives you easy and quick access to your care provider anywhere! And, many providers offer care at many hours of the day, making it easier to schedule an appointment.

Virtual care prevents further injury. If you are away on vacation and that nagging pain starts to come back, you don't need to live with it. Instead, you can seek care, quickly and effectively to prevent further or prolonged injury. Your care provider will be able to assess our symptoms and develop a plan to manage it while you are away. This can prevent the symptoms from "snowballing" into some much worse or harder to treat.

Virtual care keeps you on track. When traveling it can be challenging to continue with your rehab or exercise program. Checking in with your provider will keep you on top of your program, and help you exercise while not on your usual schedule. This can be a great way to prevent muscles from weakening, joints from stiffening, and rehab goals from slowing down.

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