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Winter Blues Got You Down? Try These 3 Indoor Exercises

It's wintertime and that means cold weather, shorter days, and icy conditions are upon us. As a result, we are unable to get outside. This can lead to a lack of activity and feelings of fatigue and boredom. So try these 3 indoor exercises to get you up and moving.

  1. Online Pilates Classes: Looking for something different and core focused? Why not try an online, on-demand Pilates class. These classes will mostly be mat-based, and focused on breathing and abdominal exercises to improve core strength, posture, and alignment. These classes can also offer strengthening for the upper body and legs. Check out classes at Beacon Pilates.

  2. Online Fitness Classes: Want to lift weights or complete body weight exercises? Why not try an online fitness class that targets the total body and uses both free weights and body weight. These classes don't usually require much equipment or space. Check out our online classes at

  3. Online Yoga Classes: Looking for a little flexibility and relaxation? Why not try an online yoga class to improve your range of motion and mobility. These classes can also help with balance and strength. Many classes will also have a meditation component which will focus on breathing and relaxation. Check out the classes at Down Dog.

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