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3 Anti-Aging Tips We Can All Use

No one likes the idea of getting older and looking older. This is largely because aging is associated with more aches and pains, limited mobility, and an unhealthy appearance. But just because we age, we are not doomed to fulfill these prophecies. Living a healthy lifestyle with a focus on eating right, exercising, managing stress and sleeping enough can help reduce the negative impacts aging can have on us. Try these anti-aging tips and incorporate them into your life to prevent the negative effects of aging.

  1. Limit Caffeine Intake: By now we have all heard that too much caffeine can have negative effects on our health. Having too much caffeine can effect our bone health and cause demineralization. This can lead to frail and weakened bones, which can eventually lead to limited mobility and pain. Additionally, having too much caffeine can also limit our body's agility to absorb minerals and vitamins, an important part of maintaining organ function. Too much caffeine can also effect our sleep cycles, leading us to not get enough sleep. This can cause "brain fog" or poor organ functioning. Instead of that second cup of coffee or that "pick me up soda" in the afternoon, reach for a cup of herbal tea, stand up and move around, or get some fresh air.

  2. Track Your Sleep Cycles: We all know that getting enough sleep each night is also important in anti-aging. If we don't get enough sleep, we can look fatigued, frail and generally unhealthy. But it is also important to understand what kind of sleep we are getting each night. Our body's go through various stages of sleep, and if we miss a stage (or don't get enough of one stage) it can negatively impact our health. For example, not getting the appropriate amount of sleep cycles can impact our brain function, organ health, metabolism and skin repairing abilities. So quite literally getting enough and the right kind of sleep will make you look and feel younger.

  3. Don't Sit All Day: As the saying goes, "sitting is the new smoking." Sitting all day at our desks or computers can negatively impact our health. We can develop postural issues which can lead to pain and limited mobility. It can also give the appearance of a slouched posture, making us look older and worn down. We can also have weight gain and slowing of our metabolism which makes it harder for our organs to function. Sitting all day can also limit our cardiovascular health ultimately impacting our mobility. Therefore, it is important to get up every day and move around, change positions by using an adjustable standing desk, and try to get those steps in to improve circulation.

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