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3 Reasons You Should Get an Adjustable Desk

With lots of us working from home more often, you may be rethinking your home office design. Adjustable desks that transition between sitting and standing can be very beneficial for our health, injury prevention, and improving posture. Here are three reasons you should get an adjustable desk for your home office.

Reduces Stress on the Spine: Having an adjustable desk can help reduce stress and tension on your neck and upper back muscles. With long hours of sitting over the keyboard, you may lean forward into the computer as you fatigue. Putting your desk in standing mode can reduce this posture, and reduce the stress on the upper neck. Additionally, by standing, you can disperse gravitational forces all the way down the spine, rather than just in the top half of the body. This can help reduce injuries such as disc herniations, muscles strains and tension headaches.

Improves Posture: Having the ability to change positions during the work day can also improve your posture and muscle strength. By switching from sitting to standing, you can utilize different muscle groups, helping to train the core in different positions. This can help improve your spinal alignment and posture, preventing the rounding of your shoulders and spine. Additionally, when one area of the body fatigues, you can easily change positions to eliminate the discomfort. This overtime can also lead to improved posture.

Promotes Good Health: Sitting is the new smoking! New reperch shows that sedentary lifestyles can be just as damaging to your health as smoking. Sitting all day without movement and utilizing the lower body, can have the same impact that smoking does on your body. By using an adjustable desk you will move around more often, burn calories, and use joints and muscles more often. This can reduce the risk of heart disease, lung disease, and other health problems.

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