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3 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer!

There is nothing worse than being sick during the summer when the sun is out, the weather is warm, and the kids are out of school. So make sure to do these 3 things to stay extra healthy this summer.

Drink Lots of Water: It is easy to get dehydrated on very hot days. And this dehydration can sneak up on you. Even if you are staying indoors in the AC, the hot humid air can quickly suck out the water in our bodies. So make sure to keep water on hand especially if you will be going outdoors. Preventing dehydration prevents fatigue, headaches, body aches and more serious issues such as heat exhaustion. So keep drinking that water all day!

Exercise Early or Late: If you will be exercising outdoors during the summer months, make sure to get out early in the morning or later in the evening to prevent overexposure to heat and sun. This will also allow your workout to be longer with less fatigue and decrease the chance of dehydration. So make sure to check the weather forecast so you know the best time to workout.

Limit Large Crowds Indoors: As we have all seen over the last year, crowded indoors increases the likelihood of spreading germs. While staying outdoors in well ventilated areas, decreases the ability of viruses and germs to spread around. So keep your parties, activities and events outside this summer. Plus will can then enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

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