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Breakfast Inspiration? Try these 3 Eggs Dishes

Getting a healthy breakfast in the morning is important in having a day full of energy. Skipping breakfast or eating foods high in sugar or carbs can lead to an afternoon slump. So try these 3 protein packed egg dishes that will keep you fueled through the morning.

Margarita Scramble


2 eggs

1 diced plum tomato

fresh basil leaves (about 5)

2 slices of fresh mozzarella


Crack eggs and place them in a bowl with the tomato and basil. Mix well and poor into a heated skillet. Cook until eggs are no longer watery, mixing occasionally. Then place sliced cheese in skillet over mixture, and cook a few more minutes until slightly melted. Serve warm.

Sunnyside Avocado


1 egg

1 halved avocado


In a heated skillet, crack egg and cook sunnyside up. On a plate, place avocado half flat side up. Once egg is cooked, place egg on top of avocado. Serve warm.

Colorful Egg Omelette


2 eggs

1 diced green pepper

1/2 diced while onion


In a heated skillet, place diced onions and peppers, stirring occasionally until tender. Then crack two eggs in a bowl and scramble. Pour over pepper and onion mixture and mix well. Cook until eggs are no longer watery. Serve warm.

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