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Golf Season is Here! Make Sure to Complete These Stretches.

Golf season is upon us and what a better way to get outside and exercise. But getting back into the swing of things can be tricky! Make sure to complete these 3 golfer stretches before you hit the course to prevent soreness and injury. Your body will thank you later!

  1. Forearm Stretch: To prevent "golfer's elbow" not only do you want to loosen your grip, you should also complete this forearm stretch. To complete this stretch, extend your elbow straight out in front of you. Let your wrist flop down, palm facing the ground. Then using your other hand, gently push down on your wrist, feeling the stretch in the forearm. Hold for 60 seconds and repeat on the other arm.

  2. Overhead Shoulder Stretch: To prevent shoulder pain and lower back pain, make sure to improve the range of motion and flexibility in these areas. To do that, you can complete this stretch. Using the golf club, holding it in both hands, raise the club longways up overhead. Straighten out your arms and upper back as much as possible. Do not force into pain, but focus on stretching the shoulder and upper back. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat three times.

  3. Hip Rotation Stretch: Improving the mobility of your hips will improve your swing and power behind the ball. This will also help prevent lower back pain. To complete this stretch, place the golf club across your lower back, hooking the club in your elbows. Widen your stance and slowly rotate side to side, focusing on rotating through your hips. No stress should be felt in the back. Repeat this rotation 10 times.

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